Singularities (2016)

Singularities –  6.16.16

SINGULARITIES is the third release – and the second in a planned Dark Ambient Pentalogy – by sound experimentalist Peter Edwards Ambient. Peter continues his exploration of electronic sound using field recordings and dark ambient structures to create an immersive, unsettling sonic experience that serves as a progressive continuation of his previous release, ‘suspended.Lucidity’.

Digital Booklet Preview

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When you purchase on Bandcamp, your download package also includes Radio Edit versions of ‘6EQUJ5’ and ‘Equations’, two additional tracks designed for exploration and cryptographic examination, and a sexy 8-page Digital Booklet (preview below) with liner notes and more!

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Peter Edwards Ambient continues his experiments with ambient music and sound design on the new EP ‘Singularities’. Three tracks, two long-form, and all exceptional examples of dark, brooding electronic goodness! Any true fan of dark ambient and experimental sound should check this out.

Radio Mystic

You’re dark. You’re brooding. This music was made for you.

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