temporal Divergence

ambient music for time travellers

i n  y o u r  t i m e l i n e :
8 . 1 8 . 1 8

true understanding of space-time manipulation requires deep knowledge of chaos theory and quantum variance. at the moment of arrival, temporal divergence dictates that a traveler can never return to their original timeline.

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“…of course it’s safe. All case files are public knowledge. Forward, back, between timelines – it’s all been tested. Every jump has been a success.”

– Ellen Dexter, Senior Quality Control Manager with the DAII

origin: 2218.08.18

destination: 2018.08.18

digital album arrives in your timeline on 2018.08.18 – physical disc media arrives soon after from an adjacent gate.

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* * digital downloads will be available on 8.18.18. physical disc packages will be forthcoming. your information will never be shared with anyone, in any timeline or any universe.