binary.Abstractions [Infiltration Edition]

a dark ambient sound environment

28 additional minutes of sound

* compared to the basic download version

exclusive Bonus downloads

Extended sound environments and Resistance transmissions!

PDF album booklet with liner notes

Collectible Stickers

Coolambient Retro Disk

containing active software and secret download links
*runs on 128k Apple IIe, or PC/MAC via emulator

Resistance Circuit Board*

*LIMITED COLLECTIBLE included with all Infiltration Packs WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

total futuristic immersion

‘binary.Abstractions’ immerses the listener within a futuristic, data-saturated machine Core – as A.I. prepares its ultimate move: total control of humanity via their weakness for implanted tech. A brilliant, continuous-play experience set within the conflict of Man vs. Machine. The album remains true to Peter Edwards’ dark atmospherics, eerie sound design and cold, expansive landscapes. This is more a sonic environment than “music”: put on a good pair of headphones for an awesome experience. Highly recommended.