suspended Lucidity (2015)

suspended Lucidity: 5.15.15

SUSPENDED.LUCIDITY is the second album – and first in a planned Dark Ambient Pentalogy – from sound designer and producer PETER EDWARDS AMBIENT. Delving into the worlds of numbers, ciphers, time travel and altered realities, Peter has combined original field recordings and sounds with minimalistic ambient textures in an expansive, unsettling and dark sonic landscape.

“These other-worldly soundscapes are where my mind goes when I’m daydreaming… which is basically most of the time! I’ve been an ambient music fan since before I can remember. This album is really my ‘sandbox’: a place to play with the textures, sounds and recordings that I generate on an almost daily basis – all while fully-caffeinated, of course.”

The masses are raving about this album, calling it “a new release”, “able to be listened to”, and “some kind of audio!”

As a bonus, if you purchase the CD – in addition to getting access to bonus material – it can also double as a decorative coaster. Personally, I made a few extra to use for my morning coffee.

Listen before you buy:

music that feels like the desert breathing at night

i am certain the wide open, harsh, and barren expanses of the place he calls home have an influence on his music, which combines field recordings with sparse ambient atmospheres to create what peter thinks of as ‘daydream soundtracks’.

the modern folk music of america

You’re dark. You’re brooding. This music was made for you.

SUSPENDED.LUCIDITY is available digitally in MP3, FLAC, WAV and other formats via my Bandcamp store.

You can also grab a physical CD, or CD/USB Limited Edition in a beautiful 6-panel CD digi-pak, a digital download of the album, PLUS a limited edition 8-gig USB Card containing a high quality 48k/24-bit version of the album, a 320kbps MP3 version of the album pre-labeled for your MP3 player, an extended-length (30-minutes or more) “extreme” track, and a bonus preview track from an upcoming project. Plus it looks cool, and you can use it as your own portable USB drive when you’re done with the files!