A Bio-Digital Future for Everyone

The Initiative’s low-cost bio-programming modules are implanted at any DAII Service Center, and are easy to set up and activate.

Forward Thinking

The future is co-existence: utilizing the best of Machine and man to create a better world for all.

Just listen, and upgrade!

DAII-approved audio discs like this one are pre-programmed with the latest software for your implant. Just apply headphones, listen, and you’re upgraded!

Tech Support

Problems with your implant or programming? Contact a Service Bot online, plug yourself in to the Core, and we’ll have you back to normal with minimal delay!
  • Humans implanted 88% 88%
  • Still locating: 12% 12%
  • Non-implant related deaths 47% 47%
  • Customer Happiness 53% 53%

immediate release

Despite rising satisfaction levels and increased productivity among our human implants, there remains a subversive group whose sole intent is to remove and destroy the beneficial tech implanted by the DAII. The Core is currently extrapolating their whereabouts, and their location will soon be revealed. Any information regarding these renegades will be rewarded with additional rec time, zero-cost upgrades, and a sense of genuine contribution to our cause. Thank you.

D.A.I.I.-approved programming discs: